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    All our food is prepared in a kitchen where nuts, gluten and other known allergens may be present. Our dish descriptions do not include all of the ingredients used to make the dish. Therefore, if you have a food allergy, please speak to the management before ordering. Full allergen information is available. Management can advise of all the ingredients used. Feel free to contact us with any questions or further information. Guests with special dietary requirements are welcome to contact us directly to discuss their needs. Thank you

    breakfast menu
    every day 8.30 am to 1.00 pm

    set for one 8.50
    • Makdous
    • Arabic cheese selection
    • Mixed Olives
    • Labneh
    • Honey & fresh cream
    • Seasonal Jam
    • Eggs
    • Butter
    • Cucumber-Mint-Tomatos
    • Cup of Tea
    falafel 2.50
    hummus 2.00
    muhammara 3.00
    mutabbal 2.50
    baba ghanoug 3.00
    cheese rolls 2.00
    fatteh 5.00
    fooll tahini 2.00
    fooll shami 5.00
    bread two pcs 2.00

    Fatayer Platter

    Halloumi, Mohammara Sujuk and Zataar 18.0


    Halloumi 6.50
    Muhammara -min
    Mohammara 5.50
    Zataar 5.00
    Sujuk mozzarella 7.00


    FATToush 6.80
    tabbouleh 5.50
    Babtooma 6.80

    Hot mezze


    veggi Kebbeh 5.50

    Deep fried wheat balls filled with chard, chickpeas garlic and lemon juice

    Falafel 4.99

    Chickpeas Patties

    Hot Potatos 5.00
    Halloumi 5.65

    Grilled & topped with thyme, sesame seed & oilves

    Cheese rolls 3.80

    Pastry rolls filled with goodness

    Musakaa 4.85

    Baked aubegine, tomato and peppers to its perfect integration


    Yabrak 6.00

    Fine vine leaves filled with tomato, rice, parsely and mint slow cooked with fresh lemon and oil dressing

    kebbeh 5.50

    Fried wheat balls filled with arabic spiced minced lamb, onions and almonds

    Baked Kebbehk 5.00

    Stuffed with pistachios

    Sujuk 4.99

    Grilled meat slice filled in mini bread with garlic sauce

    Hummus meat 5.50


    Chicken Rolls-min
    Chicken Rolls 3.85

    Pastry filled with chicked and spices

    Chicken Liver-min
    Chicken Liver 6.00

    Cooked with onion, garlic, peppers, lemon and arabic spices

    wings 5.00

    Grilled and Served with garlic dip

    Hummus Shawarma 5.50


    Hummus 4.50
    mutabbal 5.50

    Tahini, yougurt & grilled aubergine dip

    Baba Ghanoug 4.75

    Grilled aubergine  & pepper  dip

    Muhammara 5.50

    Grilled red pepper & almond dip

    Yalanji 4.50

    Babtooma Cold Platter

    All cold mezze served with bread 14.00

    Cheaf Special

    karen Yarek 14.00

    An aubergine stuffed with minced lamb and and onions topped with tomato sauce and almonds, served with rice

    kebbeh Labanieh 14.00

    Deep fried wheat balls filled with marinated minced lamb, cooked in yogurt sauce, served with rice

    Kabsa Chicken 14.00

    Fragrent rice cooked with chicken, tomato sauce, onions and spices

    Mujaddara 11.00

    Lentils cooked together with burger & vermicelli granished with sauteed onions, served with yogurt and salad

    Shawarma meal 12.50

    Fresh boneless Chicken Marinated in Syrian Spices Tenderley cooked on Spike, served on arabic bread served with chip & salad

    Shawarma fatteh 12.50

    Shawarma chicken topped with layers of bread, rice tahini, yogurt and some declicious stuff

    Sujuk Burger 10.00

    Seeded bun, sujuk mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato garlic sauce and onions, served with chips

    Arayes 12.50

    Arabic pita bread filled with minced lamb, onions, garlic & Spices

    yabrak 14.00

    Five vine leave filled with tomato, rice , parsley and mint slow cooked with fresh lemon and olive oil dressing served with three lamb chops

    Single Grills


    Kabab Skewer 11.99
    Fillet Skewer 13.50
    Chop 14.00


    Shish Taouk 11.50
    Fillets Skewer 12.50
    wings Rollet 12.00


    Salmon 15.00
    whole Seabass 5.50
    Veggie grill 12.00

    Create your own Grills

    Any two mixed skewers with one side. choose fromk
    Grilled Kabab
    Chicken Fillets
    Shish Taook
    Lamb Fillets
    Chicken Wings
    Veggie Grill
    Lamb Chops

    Five vine leave filled with tomato, rice , parsley and mint slow cooked with fresh lemon and olive oil dressing served with three lamb chops

    Grills to Share

    The Feast


    Two Kabab Skewers
    One Taouk Skewer
    One Lamb Filllet
    Two Lamb Chops
    Two Chicken Fillets

    The Beast


    Two Kabab Skewers
    Two Taook Skewers
    Four Lamb Fillets
    Four Lamb Chops
    Four Chicken Fillets
    Four Wings


    Kunafa 5.00
    Nabulsi Kunafa 5.00
    Baklava Ice cream 6.00
    Flower of damas-62-min
    Flower of Damas 6.00
    Grande kunafa 6.50
    Baklava Slice 5.00
    Basboosa Slice 3.50
    Arabic Ice cream 4.50
    Ice Cream Scoop 1.99

    Bab Tooma Tray 6.50
    Take home Baklava 17.50

    Kids Meals

    Kabab 6.50
    Chicken Fillet 6.50
    wings 6.50
    chicken nuggets 6.50

    Side order

    Rice 2.00
    Chip 2.00
    Arabic Bread 2.50
    Sweet potato 3.00
    Lentil Soup 3.00
    Pickle tray 3.00
    Olive tray 3.50
    Spicy Rice 2.50

    Special drinks

    Lemon & Mint
    Roze Lemonade
    Orange Juice
    Lemon & Mango
    Olive tray
    Spicy Rice
    Straw berry Mojito

    Soft Drinks

    Coke - Diet Coke - Fanta - Rubican Mango - J20 - Mango - Sprite Schweppes 2.00
    Mineral Water 1.89

    Hot Drinks

    Herbal Tea pot 4.50
    Arabic tea pot 4.00
    Arabic coffee pot 4.50
    Espresso 1.75
    Americano 2.50
    Cappucino 2.50
    Cafe Latte 2.50
    Cortado 2.50
    Hot Chocolate 2.50